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During the latest two quaternary ice-ages, the tertiary oligocene formation has been cut out by the Seignal river and its small tributary the Fonchotte. The result of it undercovers a very hard lacustrian calcareous soil : "le calcaire de Castillon". The Château Pierrail vineyard has been set in the slopes of this rocky valley. Thus it benefits from a shallow soil (rendzine), slightly thicker at the bottom of the slope, with a continuous granulous structure, stony and resting on the draining roc..


Géologie Pédologie Chateau Pierrail



The Fonchotte runs along side the vineyard from south-west to north-east. This gives the vines a SOUTH-EAST exposure "which provides the best results as it receives the rays from the early morning sun. Consequently the air temperature gets higher earlier" (P. Galet)."


Exposition Chateau Pierrail

Château Pierrail  -  Conception ABW33